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In the open valley of Stockton, UT, Engage Contracting embarked on an ambitious project: building a cutting-edge R&D facility for Dyno Nobel Corporation. With only three R&D facilities globally, Dyno Nobel, a worldwide explosives manufacturer, aimed to replace its aging Utah County facility with a modern complex away from society in Stockton.

Being a green-field endeavor, it necessitated the construction of even the most basic infrastructure. The project scope encompasses eight reinforced buildings including administration, laboratories, a pilot plant, a control center, storage units, and a pump house. Over 12,000 linear feet of fencing secured the vast site and a 270,000-gallon water storage tank was constructed.

As a team, they have overcome nearly every conceivable obstacle including extreme weather, delayed permitting, and $3 Million in change orders. Check out project photos and congratulations to the entire team on the successes they have achieved thus far!

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