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en·gage / in'gáj / adjective - Morally committed to a particular aim or cause

Engage Contracting offers a client-focused and innovative approach to general contracting. Our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism ensures exceptional outcomes at every stage of construction, from planning and design to construction management
By embodying our shared values, we provide a service that emphasizes our dedication to teamwork, accountability, and efficiency in construction methods, all while upholding fiscal responsibility.

Our distinctive work ethic sets us apart.



How it all started...

Engage Contracting has a rich history dating back to its founding in 2001. Initially established as a commercial subcontractor and custom home builder, our founders, Donavon and Andrea Minnis, leveraged years of experience in various facets of the construction industry. In 2019, recognizing the opportunity to make a more significant impact, they transitioned Engage into a fully operating Commercial General Contracting firm.

Benefiting from the extensive relationships cultivated over the years and a well-earned reputation for excellence, Engage swiftly ascended to new heights, fostering company expansion, deepening community support, and delivering unparalleled service. Our core values—integrity, respect, and trust —serve as the guiding principles behind every facet of our operations, fueling our passion not only for our clients, industry partners, and communities but also shaping our company culture.


Engage Contracting stands ready to support a broad spectrum of clients. We prioritize efficiency by ensuring key personnel actively participate in each project, maintaining close communication with all stakeholders. From project inception to completion, we firmly believe that meticulous planning and open communication are pivotal for achieving project success.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Engage Contracting boasts a wealth of leaders and seasoned industry veterans united by a shared vision and a knack for decisive action. Whether within our executive team or among our project teams, we form a close-knit group that highly values input from every level.

Our Clients

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