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Updated: Feb 21

The completion of the USPS Tooele facility expansion marks an exciting milestone for this project that aimed to enhance the site’s functionality and meet the increasing demands of a growing community. With a keen eye on cost savings and modernization, the 6888 sf interior has been completely revitalized. Features such as polished concrete floors add sophistication as well as durability. Moreover, integrating a new, more efficient HVAC system ensures efficient climate control throughout the expanded space to enhance the working environment.

The exterior was updated as well, with the addition of an all-new parking canopy, an expanded parking lot, and refreshed building graphics—a new storm drain system addressed practical needs. At the same time, the security fencing enhances safety and security, culminating in a comprehensive upgrade that elevates the USPS Tooele facility to the next level of facility. Congratulations to the entire team who worked on this project!

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